04 novembro 2010

Big Fuck U!

Christian Moms Slam Boy in "Gay" Costume

One supportive mother writes an in-depth account of her decision to allow her son, a Scooby-Doo fan, to wear a Daphne costume to his Christian pre-school for Halloween. She found that it was the parents, not the children, who reacted with disdain.

The mother, who writes anonymously at the blog Nerdy Apple Bottom, explained that her five-year-old son, Boo, spends most of his time with women, and asked to dress as Daphne this year. She happily agreed, and was shocked at the response from some mothers at the Christian pre-school on the day of the costume holiday.

“And then Mom C approaches,” writes Nerdy Apple Bottom. “She had been in the main room, saw us walk in, and followed us down the hall to let me know her thoughts. And they were that I should never have ‘allowed’ this and thank God it wasn’t next year when he was in Kindergarten since I would have had to put my foot down and ‘forbidden’ it. To which I calmly replied that I would do no such thing and couldn’t imagine what she was talking about. She continued on and on about how mean children could be and how he would be ridiculed.

“My response to that: The only people that seem to have a problem with it is their mothers.”

As for Nerdy Apple Bottom, her opinion is, “If you think that me allowing my son to be a female character for Halloween is somehow going to ‘make’ him gay then you are an idiot. Firstly, what a ridiculous concept. Secondly, if my son is gay, OK. I will love him no less. Thirdly, I am not worried that your son will grow up to be an actual ninja so back off.”

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Speedy disse...

bela resposta da mãe. Sinal de que as mentalidades vão evoluindo

LusoBoy disse...

Essa do ninja foi boa.
Há gente muito burra. O miúdo está fantástico. E, se há coisa que os heteros gostam, é de vestirem-se de mulher no Carnaval. Lol.